December 2018 – Warrior of the light

“Dear Reader,

Beautiful days are coming and every household will know peace.
I am saying this to show you that I am here and that no dark thought can make the light disappear. This is a universal law and when you understand this in all your cells, you too will know and feel that you have this light inside you and that you are invincible.
This fighting spirit is necessary in these times, dear reader. You all have chosen to be a part of the army of the light and to gather forces against dark influences. That may be a person doing bad things against you or your own dark thoughts impeding your selflove. All these things are subordinate to the great light of creation and its inherent love. So when you start the festive season, look into the mirror every morning, give yourself a wink and say to yourself: We Warriors of the Light are invincible! That way you invite the light into your home and all darkness will disappear.
Blessings are with all of you who are taking up this shining sword, bringing peace in all corners of the world. Do not doubt yourself, for I have created you and know your strengths better than you do now. Go forth in joy and happiness, dear children, and see the beauty that still shines upon the earth.”