January 2019 How to deal with overdue issues

Dear Reader,

Do not talk too much about everything you still have to do. This is not good for you and it has no added value. What you can do, is to make a list and tell yourself when you are going to start with it. Give yourself a preparation time of two weeks. These weeks serve to build up energy to tackle a certain task you have been procrastinating.
This is simple advice, dear reader, but they are of great value to empty your mind of constant pressure. You will feel lighter and it will take less trouble when you try this method. In this way you gradually clear up everything that has been bothering you for a long time. There will always be things to do, but this is about the things that are emotionally charged. Feel the power you get and let it shine. Life is getting easier when you know how to deal with obstacles.
Mental life is not the first priority with most of you, yet having a balanced mind is of great value for your development. The mind is greatly influenced by thoughts and convictions. Try to think positively and know that everything is going to be all right. These thoughts give positive energy creating a positive outcome. Practice this and you will benefit, I promise you.
It gives Me great joy to see someone mastering himself having done something he had been postponing for years. These are simple victories, you’d say, but they stand for something far greater: inner power and self-esteem. Keep this and your passage through life will go before the wind, dear reader.