February 2019 Working with the power of thought

“Dear Reader,

Everyone of you has a great talent that most people do not use and that is the ability to create by visualisation. This talent needs to be developed, because man is going to use it a lot in the future. Not only to shape one’s own life but also to deal from a distance with all sorts of things, where you now still need direct contact. Think of influencing the weather or some kinds of pollution by power of thought. Also healing from a distance, which has already been done many times.
How you can learn this is by practising regularly giving thought to and sending up your wishes. In this way you can shape your near future. What would you like to accomplish this year? Give this your serious and active attention in your thoughts. Do this once every day. This is the precursor of healing from a distance, stopping a leak at a nuclear power plant or healing the earth. Try practising this first in your own life. If you like, you can then start with light work by power of thought.”