March-April 2019 Concentrate on your inner wealth

“Dear Reader,

Do you also have the feeling that you have to do more and more and that life has been asking a lot of you lately? And that you feel gradually more pressured in going a certain way? That is correct. Society finds itself in a cramped situation where the existing order wants to hold on to its power and refuses to give way to new developments. The power of money is at its greatest now and people seek profits in everything. You can stop this by standing outside this sphere and by asking yourself what you really need. Try to experiment with this in the coming summer. Have a look inside your home and see what you want to hold on to and which items you may do away with. I am concentrating on this to show you that the energy you use with accumulating wealth, stays in the goods. The energy you invest in your development or in meditation, is spiritual wealth. Your gain by this is eternal, so that investment is much more profitable than the material one. You define wealth by having a lot of possessions but we see it the other way around. We see it as an energetic burden, an extra weight added to your life. You have the responsibility and care for all this matter. You will be surprised at how little you really need and how cozy your house can still be. You will get more energy and will live lighter.
It is good to see things in this way and not feel pressured by what society wants you to buy. You live in difficult times and there is little attention for the spiritual side of man. However, look at the amount of courses on meditation and yoga, book clubs, prayer groups and other private initiatives created out of inspiration. Join them, feel the unity when you are there and know that each of you strives for the good for the earth and her inhabitants. I will help you with this. The energies on My side are stronger on earth as well and I will be present in things you do not expect. Know that I see you, dear reader, and that I am providing all good energies for you to attain your own happiness.”