May 2019 – Take leadership over your experiences

“Dear Reader,

You have opened your heart to life. This heart is often disappointed by what happens in life. This is normal, but give it your attention as it will happen more often in the future.
Your heart should be on such an energy level that when something happens, you can feel immediately why this is. Try not so stay in the emotional level and feel sad, but see the bigger picture instantly; hover above the situation and see what is the matter. What causes this misfortune? This method makes you resilient and even if you cannot do anything about it, say to yourself: ‘I will keep on standing until I am called to come to Heaven.’
I do not only ask for perseverance but also for leadership over your own experience. Let the events sink in but do not let it lead to despair and paralysis, which gives away your power. So to keep this power, step directly into the leadership over your life, instead of crawling under the blankets and wanting to stay there. It asks for courage, dear reader, but this technique will give you an enormous power keeping you standing in the middle of life’s difficulties. Do not give in to gloom. Keep seeing the beauty and project this onto the misery. Have your daily moments of happiness which you can create yourself by taking care of your pets and cuddling them, or by sitting in the garden if you have one. Think of something that makes you happy.
This is the best way to sail thorough these times of change.
Blessings are with you all.”