June 2019 – Strengthen your bond with God

“Dear Reader,

I am busy with your healing. For this I need the link from you to Myself. I can reach you at all times and I do so by inspiring life’s energy in you and thus keeping you alive. However, there is another form of help and that is the help I give after a request from you. With this request you are reaching out to Me intentionally and asking for divine guidance. It gives us here an extra impulse and mirrors the love we give to you. The connection between you and Me is then strengthened by your choice to confirm and experience this bond. The cord that binds us becomes extra strong so that you can do much more with it, like ultimately leaving you body without losing the connection with it. So it is also a way to grow spiritually.
Of course I prefer it that you strengthen our bond out of pure love for Me and my realms, but it is perfectly all right to utter the wish to grow spiritually and train your ability for higher energetic consciousness.
Know always that love is the basis and condition for all this. That is the cause of the universe, dear reader, and when you recognise that in yourself, you have self-love. Then you know how the universe works.
Try and meditate on this in the coming days so that you keep the connection alive. You can also do this while doing other things. When you go to sleep, send up a request for strengthening our connection and that it may be used for healing and enlightenment.”