July/August 2019 Live in love, wealth and material simplicity

“Dear all,

This is a time of great extremes and never has it been more difficult to keep the balance both in yourself as outside in society. Gradually mankind is entering an era of reflection and renewal. You will help each other by acknowledging that each of you wants the best for the earth. Keep your faith in your fellow beings, do not see them as the nameless enemy whose fault it is that the world has come to this end.
The cause of all these difficulties lies in various places. The most important one is that human incarnation is now at its deepest. From 2012 onwards this incarnation is being turned around and you are going back to the light again. This will take thousands of years, dear reader, so this is only the beginning of your going home.
It is important that you are going to live as I intended. That is in love, wealth and material simplicity. You will feel wealthy in the fact that you have everything you need, you have plenty of free time and you can easily get access to the job of your dreams. This is not yet to happen, but I am asking you to use this as an ideal picture for the future, and at the same time to see your current situation in a positive light. When you think positive, positive things will happen.
The holidays are at an end and normal life starts again. Try to paste that feeling of freedom of the holidays onto your daily business so that every moment may be a happy one. This feeling of happiness is very important to keep you afloat. It will keep your energy level high so you will get through the day in balance. Take a rest every now and then. It does not need to be long, ten minutes or half an hour, but plan these moments so you can keep in touch with Me.”