September 2019 The effects of 5G mobile network radiation

“Dear Reader,

Your experiments on radiation are very primitive according to divine criteria. You do something and then look what the results are instead of first considering the process and making an inventory of its risks. Of course you have some genius scientists, dear people, who are inventing and experimenting responsibly. Radiation however, is something cosmic. It needs to be considered as extra terrestrial. This means an inventory is required of all possible scenarios when you experiment with and use this radiation. You have experienced this with nuclear radiation, of which you have not yet understood half. The natural radiation in your air is the only type man can experiment with because it does not have dangerous side effects. It can be used for the creation of clean energy, after which the end product will be assimilated into the air again.
Your experiments do not go further than what you want it to do for you. So with nuclear radiation an enormous amount of radiation is set free for you to use, but that which remains is waste in your eyes and thus thrown away or hidden inside the earth. I cannot give you My approval on this, dear readers.
Now you have discovered ultra short wave radiation, which should not be used. The shorter the wavelength, the more serious the consequences. I look at your new invention with grave concern. The new radiation network of 5G is an invention that has been made for war instead of work. You are going to use this weapon for commercial purposes, which can also be atttained by other harmless means. It is a weapon to reduce man to a being whose higher consciousness has been disconnected. You have a word for this: a zombie. Someone whose contact with My world, which is essential, is severed. You do not become soul-less, but the soul can not communicate well with her source and that is a very serious matter indeed.

5G is very damaging for every being on earth. The natural, subtle radiation can not be reveived anymore and the cells lose their connection to the higher power, causing them to run riot. What you get then are cancerous growths and mutations. The genetic structure is crippled because the cell is not guided by the unity in the universe anymore. These wrongs are on the same scale as genetic manipulation. The cell can not mutate back to its original state. Man loses the connnection to his body and cannot guide it energetically anymore. Animals, plants and trees experience the same mutilating effects.
5G also destroys the energetic body, the invisible parts of every being. You cannot think properly anymore, you feel disoriented because your magnetic field is damaged. The same goes for the earth’s magnetic field. This is disastrous for the migration of animals who are dependent on it for their sense of direction.

5G is also destructive for the supernatural beings who live in another dimension. The more subtle the beings, the worse the effect. Beings with a high energy level will experience worse symptoms than those with a lower level. This does not mean that it is healthy for beings of a lower energy level. It is slightly less dangerous. Supernatural beings like fairies have a very fine energy vibration; they are still existing on earth to help plants and trees grow and to keep the earth in harmony. They cannot live in an area with 5G radiation. They get severe symptoms like burns on their skin. When they retreat into their own sphere, 5G is still detectable there, it penetrates different layers. One could say: the network does not cover every area so the fairies can move to the unaffected areas. That is possible, but it means the destruction of nature in the spots where 5G has been installed. Nature is on its own then and already weakened by the constant flow of harmful radiation by the mobile network and also by pollution from air and ground. The supernatural beings will retreat even further and are forced to let nature fend for itself. They still have love for creation however and that will help maintain the ties that bind them to nature and earth.

You can protect yourself a little against 5G by protecting your aura daily. Imagine a thick metal layer around it with irregular projections which can reflect the radiation. The metal I have in mind is aluminium or silver. By imagining this, you create a protection around your subtle bodies. You can also do this for your pets and living space. The protection is not complete, dear reader, but it is better than nothing.

You cannot perceive all the consequences of your experiments and you do not see all the dangers regarding 5G. My advice is to stop this now and to establish a whole different sort of communications network without radiation. This is possible. Concentrate on your intuitive powers and specifically the power of thought. This will become the means of communication of the future. The snag is that 5G radiation disturbs the thought-fields in the human body. Train yourself daily by sending a thought to your partner or a friend who will tell you what they picked up. Repeat the exercise the other way around.

You may ask: Why do You not interfere? I will do so. I will change the minds of the people who want to install this network. I do this also together with you, the people who are conscious of the dangers and the acute situation. What I am asking of you is to share this information and to speak up for what you believe in. Stand strongly in yourself and in your beliefs. You will receive help, dear reader.”