October 2019 – Looking at the past in a positive way

‘Dear Reader,

Problems are never unsolvable. Now is a time for you to look at your life in a different way and that is taking a more positive view towards your own actions.
Everywhere I see people putting themselves down because they may have made some small misrtake in a relationship, at work or in the upbringing of the children. Now look at the situation with the eyes of a wise man. You have already admitted the fact that things did not go as they should have done. Could you have done things differently then or was that the only way at that moment? Go back to the present and see if you have learned that lesson in the meantime and changed your way of doing things. If that is the case, you can easily let this episode sink into the past and not let it drag you down. If you have the feeling you’d do the same thing again, look at the situation now. Does this action fit into your present life or have you changed after all? Would you still do it the same way? Ninety percent of you will say they wouldn’t react the same way. That is the proof that you have learned from it and have gone on. So look at this with love for yourself. After that comes the understanding or love for the other. Do not worry that you have caused irreparable damage. This happens rarely and repair for that only comes in the afterlife. What you can do now is develop yourself with as much love and insight in yourself and in everything around you. Do not forget to call Me for help; that is what I am here for. There are innumerable helpers present. You do not have to do this on your own.’