November 2019 – Meditation for inner power

“Empty yourself of thoughts and concentrate on your palate. This is an area where many energy lines come together. Put the tip of your tongue against your palate just behind the front teeth; this gives the body a message of concentration and inner peace.
Then concentrate on your head, switch off your thoughts, you are now only consciousness.
Now concentrate on your heart. Feel the power of your heart every time it pumps blood through your veins. Imagine the power of this life-pump. Feel this power spreading through your entire body. It is the life force that makes everything inside you work.
Imagine a beautiful sparkling ball of energy inside your belly. This sparkling ball is your supply of energy for the day. Try and feel this energy, and also the tingling and sparkle inside you when the energy fills your body.
This inner power manifests itself to the fullest when it is free of restraints like fear, self-pity and self-hatred. You now sit in peace with a warm feeling of love, free from negative emotions.
The astral or mental plane stretches out across your physical boundaries and here you can find your energy supply. The best key to feeling your inner power is love for your own being. This also implies self-acceptance and gratitude for being on this earth and filling in your life’s assignment.
An inner peace then comes to rest inside you, because you know that you are a good person who tries to live as purely as possible. Give yourself the chance to open up, dear reader. Help Me to help you! You do this by loving yourself and knowing you are good just as you are. You have been endowed with many talents and you are here to do the thing you can do very well. You are equipped with strength to cope with all the obstacles that every person must face to fulfill this assignment. You will get a feeling of invincibility. You deal with whatever comes your way and you do it well. Don’t worry about feelings of insecurity. Be attentive in everything and confident in what you do. When your foundation is based on love , things cannot go wrong. Inner power comes when you are at peace with yourself. Feel how great it is to simply be and being happy with all the talents you received in life. Look at how many you got and how wonderful it is to share them with your fellow man.
Every person receives the same amount of inner power. It is the same as with a car model: it has an engine that makes the car drive at, say, 200 kilometres per hour. Man is built along the same principles, but mankind has not reached its maximum speed yet, dear reader. You have not yet met with your complete inner power! You can only do this if you do away with all the restraints and know that when you do this, you will not become better than another, but you become your best self. By doing this, you invite others to also become their best selves. So do not be afraid of growing, of becoming ten feet high, of rising above everything. It does not mean leaving others behind. By your development you invite your fellow man to step into your power in order to let them start their own engine and power up.
This feeling, this happiness, is your inner power. It is a never ending fountain. You can visualise this fountain. What makes you come into you power is the certainty that at this moment you are exactly where you are supposed to be. That you may walk on the earth and be carried by Me and that this process is a great joy. Give yourself this moment of surrender to your highest self. Take the plunge, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, dare to believe in yourself! If I have so much faith in you, why do you still doubt yourself? Surrender to happiness, to eternity. Your inner power makes you feel that there are no boundaries to your love of existence. The broadening of your horizon makes you incredibly beautiful, loving and powerful. Feel with every breath you take how your world increases, broadens. You are infinite, dear reader. Your abilities, your wisdom and your love are infinite. Anchor this knowledge in your cells. Once you have experienced this feeling, you can recall it. This boundlessness is necessary to include infinity in your life within earthly boundaries and to remind you of the fact that you are a divine being.”