December 2019 – When you go in joy, you will meet joy

“Dear Reader,

Beautiful days are before you. You have great expectations of this holy time and rightly so. Know that you are the one who makes these expectations true by thinking positively, radiating love and looking forward to things. Christmas time is a time of goodness and light all over the world. In the month of December we can see the earth lighting up by all these thoughts of goodness and happy faces. This positive atmosphere also radiates over the people who are struggling and who have nothing to be happy about. Send love to those people, but stay happy and cheerful yourself.
There is a transformation going on in your consciousness at the moment, dear reader. More and more people realize that a lot more love, understanding and inner power should spring from every individual. If you want to make a Christmas wish, I suggest you express the wish that every person may get self love and that they may feel their inner power welling up inside them. If all people would utter this wish simultaneously, the world would transform instantly into paradise.
Difficult moments will always be there, that is life, dear reader, but it is your choice how to see these events. Know that My helpers are at your side and that My angels are behind you to embrace you with their wings. This certainty should be anchored in all of you. Know also that joy is an important part of the great shining path that everyone must go. When you go in joy, you will meet joy; it is the law of reciprocity. Joy also makes the body sing. It heightens and increases your energy level. So when you have a temporary low in energy, think of something wonderful.
We here also enjoy the festivities in between the busy time of assisting all life. Without these festivities it is not possible to keep doing our tasks. Here too loving joy is all encompassing.
In this special season I am promising you all to perceive a momentary lifting of the veil that separates Heaven and Earth. This can be a happy event or a sudden inspiration how you should solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Or something else, that is up to you to recognize, dear reader! All blessings to you and may you enter the new year with joy. You are never alone.