January 2020 – Keep up your energy level

“Dear Reader,

Outside of your daily business you have an additional burden and that is the misery on earth, like the fires in Australia. Every one of you is subconsciously influenced by this and many of you have seen the terrible images of people, animals, plants and trees that have lost their lives there. From your own home you can help by keeping strong and sending positive energy; that is love, peace and an invitation to rebuilding the stricken areas.

The people and animals that have passed away have all arrived safely here and are recovering from their last moments. They are being helped in this. So are the trees that have died. They are here in their own sphere and are preparing their renewed existence on earth.
Man often chooses despair and powerlessness. Stay on your original energy level, dear Reader and send love from there. Every positive thought helps; a thought full of suffering does not help. It is important to train yourself in stabilising your energy level. Then draw on your inner source and radiate from within, no matter how difficult the situation. This way you remain part of the great whole and it prevents you from energetic isolation because of negative thoughts.
It also gives you the power to help others. Imagine that your inner source is inexhaustible.

I am busy with alleviating the suffering on earth; you are never alone in this.”