February 2020 – The Corona-virus

‘Dear Reader,

All of you are now working under the threat of the corona-virus that originated in China. I have not yet reacted to these developments because it has originated in the scientific field. This is a virus that has been engineered by human hands and should be counteracted by human hands as well. It will spread to all parts of the world but you should not worry about this too much, dear reader. I do not say this because it is not dangerous, but because a high energy level is the best remedy against catching this virus. When you are in balance energetically, you will not get it. You may inhale it, but the virus stays inactive because it cannot get a grip in your body. You might say: I cannot sustain this high energy level constantly. That is correct and it is possible that the virus may become active but the chance that this will happen is small.
What you can do about it is to think positive, send love via yourself to others and to the world. Keep on shining, that means taking care of yourself, taking your rest and drawing the line at what you can handle. If you have too much going on, cancel an appointment. This is the best way to keep yourself healthy. Make sure you have a good laugh every day!

About the development of this virus I can say that it will grow on for a while and that this will not be over yet. In any case the world has woken up to see what is happening in the laboratories of some scientific researchers. Man has not been made for this.
There will be a number of fatalities, but this will not exceed a normal epidemic. A virus also has a working curve and will work itself out later on. This should take up a small space in your lives, dear reader. It is good to realise that you still have your life into your own hands and that you have different possibilities. Nothing is ever hopeless.’