March 2020 – Build up your immunity by energy work

“Dear Reader,

You are all influenced by the corona-crisis. Know that this will not give negative energy only. Most of you also see the positive side of these difficult times in this upside down world. Everything that has been taken for granted has changed and people are distanced from the community they belong to. And yet you all have moved closer together than in the last few decades. Every person feels connected with others who are touched by the virus, not only the sick but also people who cannot work. According to most of you it is a disaster for society, but we see this in a different light. We are seeing the birth of great initiatives that invite the feeling of unity.

It is important that you build up resilience so that you will not get the virus. In principle almost everybody will get it because it is spead by the wind. It is good to keep thinking positive and to radiate your positive energy from inside. In these times everyone in all layers of society will have to let go of something. I help each of you to keep going. Small things have big consequences, like a positive attitude and the knowledge that this is all temporary and that you can build up immunity without being vaccinated.

I have to mention that the corona virus is something that can remain active but dormant in the body. You may therefore become ill several times. It does not mean that you will die from it, but guard your health energetically. The virus can give you respiratory problems and an almost chronic cough. How can you avoid this? By following the path of your soul, dear reader. By going inside yourself and asking ‘What do I really want’? By listening to the voice from inside that says: ‘I would like another job’. Or:’I am going to do something to raise awareness with people’. It is as simple as that. But it is not as easy to do. I am asking you to concentrate on yourself without losing the world out of sight. When you sit in deep concentration you’ll notice that you and the world are one. Then all your questions will be answered. You will exist in that eternal field in which there are helpers to answer your most urgent questions. So take the time to contact Me. Do not complain about yourself, you are exactly how you should be. Sit down in this knowledge and find your own essence, dear reader. You will be assisted in this by us immediately.”