April 2020 – Learn to dance in times of crisis

“Dear reader,

Difficult times are not yet at an end, but mankind’s energy level is much higher now than before the crisis. People appreciate their core values again and their gratitude towards the hard working medical personnel is great. This causes a rise in the level of love-energy on earth. Great improvements may now be made and I notice a problem-solving ability in you all that can be used well in the future. Do not be afraid of the future. Know that you always have yourself and your intuition to judge a situation accurately.
This corona crisis is not something that stands alone. It is an event in a long line of developments that are going to happen with increasing speed. You will be witnessing these moments of chaos during the coming decades, but this is no reason for panic. Every time you will tune in to a situation and you will keep adjusting. In this way you are dancing through life. You are now all invited to dance. This was not the first lesson, dear Reader, this is already the advanced course and you are all doing very well.
Contemplate it all with a smile. Think with love of the people who have lost their lives, send a smile to the hard workers and also to yourself when you get up in the morning. I see togetherness, neighbourly love and a new order emerging in this time. You who are reading this now, have made a choice to play a part in all this. Keep seeing possibilities in your own life, dear Reader. Move along smoothly on the tides of life and know that you will always be supported.”