May 2020 – Enjoy your freedom

“Dear Reader,

Now is the time to reclaim your freedom again, this means physically to look for that situation in which you can move freely, and mentally to keep touching that freedom. Do not think: I am being constricted in my movements; but think constantly: Everything is possible. Then a new energy field opens, causing you to feel much happier.

It is difficult to get the correct information about the corona virus. The whole world is engaged in it and everyone is confronted by it. We here are also engaged in it, but indirectly. It means that we estimate where our help is most necessary and how it can best be given. You will always be helped by us. You will receive insights, and keep trusting your intuition. If it tells you an imposed measure is not right, go and look for the reason why. This is the time of consciously looking for the truth. Keep doing this, dear reader, also when this time passes and relative peace is restored. You have learned that you are all very flexible and able to do a lot more than you thought you could.

The financial system has received a big dent and this will lead to a financial crisis, so the problems are not over yet. I advise you to think about what would be a good choice to spend your money on. It would be best to spend it on something that gives you enormous pleasure. To leave your money in the bank is not a good idea. Sometimes you have to, but if you have been thinking already to buy something durable, go out and do it, dear reader.

This is concrete and sound advice, sometimes this is necessary. Try taking an hour of rest every day in a beautiful spot in nature. That will give you endurance and energy.
Blessings are with all of you. “