June/July 2020 – Stay unified and connected to the network of light

“Dear Reader,

I see a great polarity in your opinions about the current crisis. In every respect it is important to hang on to the idea of oneness, of unity, and to know that the love for yourself is the basis for loving everything around you. Make this connection every day. Do this also with the people who, according to you, do not understand at all how things stand; take them into this thought of unity and connect them with the greater whole. When they make this connection, they will also begin to see the truth about what is going on. Do not think of two sides but think in unification. This also applies to politics and the institutions whose reaction to the crisis is very different because they have a different agenda. Connect politics with the thought of truth. That thought of truth is the great network of light that spreads around the earth and connects it to All that Is.
When there is an uproar, focus your energy on it and connect that place and the people (or living beings) there to the light and thus heal the damage that is done there. This may only take a second or two. The energy and the focus of your thoughts are the key.
As for yourself, dear reader, remember that you can still live in happiness and that this happiness does not lie in the things you cannot do anymore or that are prohibited.
Happiness is inside you and make space for that every day. Every person is connected to the great network of light, love and happiness. When you have lost your connection, just reconnect again by thinking about it. Pick up that thread of light and be filled with this healing energy of love. The connection with Me and Everything that Is, is the foundation of human happiness. Keep remembering this and you will always stand strong.”