August 2020 – Keep your integrity and stay happy

“Dear Reader,

You are all working towards a new order and this happens in spite of all the problems with the new rules that are imposed on you. Know that our divine order exists above the layer that decides upon these rules, and this order must be obeyed whatever happens. So do not be afraid that the corona crisis will result in a confinement for every citizen. Transforming times are at hand, dear reader. You can contribute to that by carrying on doing what you like to do best and to keep an eye on your integrity. Keep on speaking your mind. If you do not like the way things go, say so and do not try to accept things that you do not agree with. Sometimes it is impossible not to compromise, that is all right, but these situations are exceptions.
You are very important for the development in the world, dear reader, your voice counts. Keep your eyes on your greater goal and make it work. Stay happy too, take a break every now and then and go for a walk in the countryside. Keep your connection to the earth and her inhabitants.
What I can also advise you is to meditate daily for a quarter of an hour. Choose a convenient time and try to find the emptiness in yourself. Out of this emptiness your soul will speak forth. It is very important to put aside your thoughts for a while every day. This will help you a lot in the coming months.
Do not forget that I will always be there and that the responsibility for the happiness of the world is not only onto you all.”