September 2020 – Organise small meditation-circles to heal yourself and the earth

“Dear Reader,

In all respects you have achieved a great deal during the past months, to get through this period of corona-’flu. I can see how much trouble, pain and sadness it has cost you. For the first time in decades you get the feeling that there is an enormous difference in what is said and what is true. These times are misleading because it is a world-wide problem and one cannot feel the support of another part of the world that has a different opinion. This is partly the cause of the mass media, but these also have a great connecting power, dear reader. However, the greatest power lies within yourself and now is the time to tap into that power. This is to improve your life, but also to help the world.
I would like to invite you to form small groups and to do something together. That may be meditating, where you learn to concentrate and to increase your level of consciousness. You could choose the subject of the meditation so that every time a different part of the earth will be healed by your light and love.
You could also choose a book of your liking and read and discuss it together. Talk about life too. Keep the group small, no more than ten people, and take care that everyone gets an equal share of attention. This will give the earth the loving energy that she needs. Your troubles will always be rewarded, it will do all concerned a lot of good.”