October 2020 – Freedom is a state of being

Dear Reader,

Every one of you asks himself what is to become of this world. What will the future bring? Will the time ever come back where everyone is free, to travel, to meet friends, to go to a concert, to meet up in a nice café or pub? All these things will be coming back, dear reader, but in a slightly different way than you are used to.
Know that nobody can take your freedom away from you. You may be locked up, threatened, even killed, but this does not take away your freedom. Freedom is a state of being and as long as you feel free, you are free, whatever a government or some other group who seeks control, may ask of you.
You should not let yourself be directed from one way to another, though. You may stand up and voice your opinion, that will give you the feeling of freedom. So do whatever you want. If you feel trapped, go outside and take a breath of fresh air and know that nobody can take away your freedom.
You always have your power to act, your own free will, however curbed it may be. Keep following your own path and keep in touch with friends. It does not matter how, but stay connected, dear reader. I cannot say this often enough. The real freedom to do what you want is in yourself and that gives you the space to do what you want. However small that space may be, you always have a choice.
And I will always be with you, dear reader.”