November 2020 – Some advice for the coming months

”Dear Reader,

At the moment you cannot tell which way the world is going and the same goes for your own life. Know that things are going to be all right, this is your starting point.
Do not bring too much negative energy from the world inside your house. Make your house and garden (if you have one) a bulwark of positive energy. Buy some candles and light them every day. Make your house festive.
Do not take too much money out of the bank, but make sure you have some cash money available at home. This is handy in case of an ATM breakdown. All sorts of small incidents will happen in the coming months and it is good to be mentally prepared for this. I will not recommend that you start hoarding, that is not necessary, but it is good to realise that there comes a time in which not everything will be available anymore, as it was before the crisis. Small companies that provide you with food are under pressure. The farmers are under pressure, their hands are tied.
So take the opportunity in the coming months to buy intelligently. There are moments that you wish to go shopping and buy some nice things. Do that, but make sure that your clothes are functional, good and durable. Once again, I am not saying it is a prelude to war, but I would like to prepare you all mentally so that you keep seeing your life as beautiful and your attitude is one of gratitude.
At the same time I am calling for responsibility and standing up for oneself. You have the talent to make something out of nothing and to see everything in proportion. Let the essence of your life come up, dear reader and see this as a basis for the coming festive season.
I help every person and talk to every one of you. Find a quiet place and try to hear My voice, my dears. Meditate, empty your head and relax your mind. Then ask a question and try to receive the answer. Knowledge will come to you. I speak to the mind of everyone, the easiest way is via intuition and perception. Practise this, dear reader and you will feel stronger and more connected with everything around you.”