Extra message Nov 2020 -Truth and knowledge in turbulent times

How do we keep standing in the storm?
How do we know what is true and wat is not?

Dear Reader,
Herewith please find a document that came into being after a channeled reading I did in the North of Holland last week. the tone is more serious than you are accustomed to from God, but do feel the positive underlying tone and the inner power that will surface in you when you read it.
Not everything that is predicted need come true. If all of us stand for our own truth, we can withstand the tide of chaos and confusion.
Know that we are with thousands who want to stand up for the light. Do not feel lonely, connect with the network of light that radiates around the earth.
Wishing you all the best,
With a greeting of love,

Why this crisis at this moment?
– great shift from dark to light, we are now balancing on the edge.
– some things are certain in the greater plan of the earth.
What is Gods influence herein?
-”I direct the great shift, but am not concerned with the details.”
(details also have divine guidance, but at a different level)
-”I help every individual”
-”It is possible that things go wrong, but that the overall direction of the great plan is right.”

What is going to happen?
-”Stronger measures regarding shopping. A lot of smaller shops will be forced to close, the larger ones remain open.
– the suppliers will be threatened and forced to lower their prices
– farmers will only be allowed to supply to companies attached to the top layer (cabal) and their multinationals.
– salaries will still be paid, but your paying history will be monitored and banks will demand guarantees for everything. So a small loan will have to be secured by something enormous like a house or a car.
– your work situation is not pleasurable because you also work with people who have different opinions, and distrust is stimulated by the government by introducing the so called snitch system.
– medically man is outlawed and forced to submit to vaccinations.
-specialists are denied access to their patients, except when they are performing surgery, so that they cannot talk and advise patients, that will be done by the government.
-people have to submit to a checkup when applying for an official document, like a passport, ID-card or drivers license. When you want to go somewhere, you must be traceable and be compliant to medical treatment (vaccination).
– the new generation of mobile phones will become cheaper, so that people will buy a 5G telephone more quickly. The frequencies will be enhanced in the coming months, in this way that damage to man and nature seems not related to 5G.
-there are people who are susceptible to radiation. They have to be sedated by anti-depressants and tranquillizers.
-scientists are only allowed to publish their works in approved journals.
– the media are already part of the top layer, they are easiest to manipulate.
– publishers are under scrutiny and certain books will be refused in the shops. The ones who sell them anyway are fined.
-schools will be tested on the way they apply the rules. Teaching programmes are going to change but this is not yet happening.
-the legal sector has to pay the fine of having been dormant too long regarding interference of the government.”

What is the time-frame of all this?
“This is difficult to estimate, I expect opposition from the side of the good and the light.
If this opposition comes, it can be over in a few years. Do not forget that the preparation of this plan has taken decades. The problem is that people just go along and do not (dare to) see the danger. If there is no opposition, it could take a decade.
I have a long term plan for Earth and her inhabitants. This plan will not be changed. I will get back to this later.”

How do we know what is true and what is not?
“Truth is eternal, it is not something that changes. Something is true when it fits into the great cosmic order I have created. By tuning in to your deepest divine centre, you connect with this order and can feel if something feels right or not.
I give every person the truth in his heart.
Intuition and power of observation are important.
The most important thing is that man chooses truth. (Which means coming into your inner power and voicing the wish to serve the truth).”

What can be the obstructions to feel this clarity?
“To be very deep into personal problems
To have denied your self so much that you do not know who you are anymore and what your opinions are.
To be under great pressure from rules or others.”

What can you do about this?
“Do the visualisation I am going to give you
Go with your consciousness to a higher plane, so distance yourself from troubles and restrictions, seek the plane of insight (voice this wish) and you will get a clear vision.”

Visualisation exercise from God:

Stay happy and healthy

1 Slowly let yourself glide into My grace
Pretend getting into a warm bath. The water carries you, in this case you will be
enveloped and carried by the divine field of love and light.
2 Light your inner flame
Increase the light in your heart that is part of your deepest divine core.
3 Feel the light flow into your being
This light increases and is answered by every cell that starts to radiate
4 Let the light flow into your aura via your heart chakra
Open your heart chakra and let the light flow out. The source is everlasting.

Do this exercise every day when you wake up

How do we keep standing in the storm?
“First of all by letting the truth take root inside yourself. You are truth and you stand by it.
Here follow some concrete directions.
– Do not try to convince difficult people with a different opinion. Go for a discussion if you like, but do this after checking if it is worth the trouble. Do not waste energy on people who cannot be convinced.
– Give voice to your own standpoint. Make yourself stronger in the knowledge that you are greater than man is now.
– Be yourself and do not waver when someone is trying to control you.
– Check your standpoint with someone who has the same opinion. Try to gather as many facts as possible and remember them.”

The storm
“People will behave differently in the coming months. They will become more panicky, are irritated quickly and scare easily. Do not take part in this. Concentrate on your breathing and feel your own power with every breath.

Rules will become more strict and closer to home. Stay informed about these rules and check them according to your own convictions. See if there is a middle ground.

Hoarding? I do not see the necessity yet to stock great amounts of food. Do make a list of things that will keep a long time and put a box of these foodstuffs in your attic. Some extra candles are all right too.
The question may arise: Will there be war? Partly, dear readers. You are already dealing with a war-like sitiation. Keep feeling free at all times however.
The foodshops will be the last to close. The shops connected to the top layer and the multinationals will stay open.
When you choose to go with the accepted opinion, nothing seems out of the ordinary and you can keep using all facilities. It is the businesses who fall outside their sphere of influence that they want to close.
So you have a choice whether you will engage in an almost war-like situation. It takes some preparation not to take part in the general opinion of the topmost layer, the cabal.”

Should you confront the general opinion?
“My advice is to follow the suggestions I have given in this document (stand firm in your inner power, check the info with the truth) and then consider if it is worth your trouble to fight on the side of the light. I will not condemn anyone who does not dare to do this, dear reader. Every person has his path in life with different sets of problems and it depends on where this person is on his path, how he reacts to all he encounters.
For the ones who do choose the light and who dare to stand up for their choice, it is important to know what you are getting into.

You will be going down a road on which you must forego a number of things that are part of the universal rights of man.
– you cannot say what you think in every situation.
– you cannot go anywhere you like anymore.
– you cannot organise big gatherings anymore
– you will not be able to get medical help everywhere anymore
– be conscious of the fact that you are being watched or tracked, that is on the street and with communication, like computer and telephone.
Know that all these restrictions should not keep you from being yourself and doing what you think is right. The only thing is that you will need to do the above in a different way. Think creative and recreate your life as before the crisis. Keep faith in a good ending, keep up your courage and do not let your light diminish.”

What about counterforce?
“There should and will be a counterforce. People who choose this path must appeal to the truth and individual freedom. One may put this into action, light and love will always prevail.
I never call for violence, but neither do I call for being a victim of violence that has been done to you, and the destruction of man as a free thinking individual. You have a right to defending yourself, dear reader. Do not forget that most martial arts are the result of Oriental pacifist monks defending themselves and their temples against attackers.
Here we touch on the theme of action versus violence to you by outsiders.”

May God call for action?
“In my realms here there is no violence. Violence is an expression of the duality between mind and matter. Creation is veering towards the absence of violence, simply because this will not be necessary anymore. As long as humanity (in case of Earth) is still at a point in its evolution that man does not really understand who he is and why he exists on earth, there will be violence. Violence springs from ignorance.
Violence is a part of your society to solve conflicts because you have not yet reached the stage that you can do this in a peaceful, harmonious way.
One should make a difference between the result or consequence of an act (violence in this case) and its reason. If a father sees how his small daughter is beaten and sexually assaulted, I will give him permission to use violence against the attackers so that the attack stops. The father is now not yet at a stage that he can demobilise the attackers energetically. Violence is a temporary solution in a society that is not highly evolved.
It is not the form therefore as well as the reason why it is used. Look at the reason why the whole world is now in a crisis situation. It is the consequence of an evil plan to reduce the world population and submit the rest to a small group of people that are in control. How well the intentions may be for the continuation of existence on earth (with a small population most of the problems regarding food and environment are solved), they may not do this by committing genocide. The are playing God which I will not allow.

Every person must come to the conclusion that things cannot go on like this and that there should be fewer materialism, no more torture of fellow earthlings, no more feelings of superiority of the human race. The risk we all take is that humanity will not reach this goal in time and that the world will be destroyed (by nuclear and biological weapons etc.). So be it. That risk is real. Man may however not decide at the expense of another man and he may not take My place.
My plan with the Earth and humanity lies before Me. It is aleady known to some of you. It is a beautiful plan in which Light will triumph.
I am calling on you to act. Not in violence, but in halting the supremacy of a few over many and stopping the destruction of the basic values of man, animal, vegetable, mineral and Earth itself.”

When does God intervene?
About good and evil.
“I have planned the development of earth. We here keep an eye on things and only intervene when the great cosmic balance is in danger. For the rest you have the freedom of creating your own world and learning the lessons that are necessary.
Now we have a situation that mankind walks towards a path that is directly opposite to My will. A great intervention in the freedom and health of mankind by a small group of people like it is happening now is not permitted. Still, I have to give you the opportunity to solve this problem. This is now underway, more and more sounds of resistance and a refusal to comply are heard.
You will ask yourself if I have created the Corona crisis. I have not. This is a purely human plan, concocted by a few people of power who want to increase that power to that extent, that they want to play Me. That is not going to happen. I am letting you all solve these problems yourselves, but am watching on the side-line and correcting where necessary. I help good people to live their lives in the way that they can do everything they want without becoming a victim of the mental pressure that lies on mankind at the moment. The most delicate piece of matter stays under My command, dear reader. Good vibes come from Me, via you, into being. The fact remains that you are the solution for these problems.
Of course I do not abandon you all, I work through you. You may wonder if I also work through the topmost layer of power, the cabal who wants to destroy society. Yes, I also work through them, but I am not a part of their evil, they choose that themselves. I keep knocking on the door of their soul to go the way of unity and love for mankind. They too have guardian angels and spiritual guides who are trying to let the good prevail. When someone chooses evil however, and lets the ego grow so big that it deafens the voice of the soul, one gets another management over oneself. The ego attracts negative energy from the astral world. These may be entities who feed on negative emotions, as power, greed, revenge and anger. These emotions make the entity stronger but weaken the person. Man himself does not notice this because the entity tunes in into the energy level of the person, so it’s presence is almost imperceptible. The assignments come from the entity while man thinks it is from himself. If the soul could have her voice, she would have warned man long before against the presence of these intruders, but as man deafens his soul, he cannot hear her.
There are a number of people who are consciously evil. They are people who live healthily, often with great spiritual knowledge, but they use that knowledge by bringing evil to earth, which they can control. They can rule over these evil entities and give them a direction and an assignment to wreak havoc. These people are in power now. They do not show themselves, but work behind the scenes. It is My intention that they become known by name and face. You can then remove the evil from them so that their position of power weakens and ultimately disappears.
These are not easy assignments. You cannot just visualise a field of light around these people and send the entities home. This will be the work of very compenent light workers and shamans. They are aware of their assignments, but they bide their time. They are to be found in all corners of the world and are invisible to the evil people. Their frequency is so high that they cannot be noticed by powers that work against the light.

There is evil in the universe too and this can be attracted by the earth because it is not in balance. You can compare it to a person who is off-colour and thus more susceptible to a cold or influenza. These times show a planet earth who is off balance and is at risk to cosmic evil. The evil people I talked about, are also active in space politics. By sending all sorts of satellites into space with the intent to do evil (mass-control and destruction), they put themselves under the influence of that evil as they do not have the protection of the earth`s atmosphere. I do not mean the astronauts in their space capsules, but the commercial exploitation of the ultra-rich. They are extra susceptible to cosmic evil and these frequencies are very difficult to remove from their auras. When they are touched by this evil, they feel an enormous physical surge of power and an impulse to control that is unstoppable.

Now I am coming closer to intervening, dear reader. When the people who are touched by cosmic evil want to continue destroying mankind, I have the power to intervene. The risk for universal imbalance is present, and in that case I must act. Of course the earth is part of the universe, but life in the universe has been created such that every planet has its own sphere of influence, in which it may realise its own great plan.
So when man dares out of the earth’s influence, other laws are in force. This also applies to astronauts, but their work is directed towards earth and mostly scientific and not directed at mass destruction.
The plan is that I will intervene together with you, the good ones, but the time to do this has not yet come. You will recognise the signs when it is going to happen.”

What can you do now?
“See yourself as a warrior of the light, someone who listens to his soul and trusts in what she has to say. Someone who keeps believing in the good and consciously chooses this side. Someone who knows that the solution lies in the knowledge that all is one and that violence against no matter what is violence against himself. Keep believing in yourself, dear reader, you who has such power that one person could end this whole global problem, if only you’d believe in that power. Think of an atom and know the power it gives when one would split it (which is not the right thing to do by the way), look at the power of matter, you have a power a billion times more because you are imbued with My power.
This belief, this faith in yourself, in your goodness, in your connection with Me, in the knowledge that you are a divine being, is the solution to these problems.”