December 2020 – Concentrate on the idea of connectedness

“Dear Reader,

In all respects you have a difficult year behind you. In all respects you did a great job. Your courage and inner power have surfaced and many of you have suddenly received intuitive powers. This is because of the pressure that is put upon you by society. In such moments the soul speaks up and makes her wishes known and clear powers may spring forth. In the coming months you will have to look at things from a different angle. My great wish for you in this Christmas period is that you will live in unity and love for each other.
It does not make a lot of difference if one believes in all the Covid-rules and the other does not. What is important is the respect you give each other. Both believe to be right, but these are small differences, dear reader. The idea of unity and connectedness has a much higher frequency than the differences in opinion. By concentrating on the idea of unification, all people will understand what is going on. So if you want to grow as an individual and as humanity as a whole, try to see all the inhabitants of planet Earth as one big family.
Peace in yourself is important in the coming year. This means contemplation, going within and joy.
Do not look at what is impossible but see what you can do and how surprisingly good this may turn out. This Christmas will be one of the most special of the last seventy years. You are the ones who decide which way humanity will go. The large picture is guarded by Me, , but each of you has a beautiful task in the great whole. Know yourself connected with Me and look at the future with joy and optimism. You have all the tools to create paradise on earth, even now.
All My blessings are with you, dear readers.”