January 2021 – Take off the rucksack of the past and be free

“Dear Readers,

You are still finding yourself in an unreal situation and this will continue to be so for a while. These circumstances are here also for you to go through an inner transformation. Many of you have realised this already; you are looking at the greater picture and feel what you really need while standing stronger in your convictions.
In these times you are all invited to heal yourselves. To do this you have to look at those memories that are surfacing now and bringing back old grief. Feel this grief, anger, aggression and possibly jealousy; do they still have a function? Are they still serving you or is it only a hindrance? Can you quietly leave them in the past and go on with a clean heart? For most of you, the latter is the case, but it is still necessary to look at it with attention. After that you may take off the rucksack of the past.
This is an invitation for a new era, to go and stand for who you are as a human being and for what you want in life. Even in these times, and I would almost say: especially in these times, you will get the opportunity to do this. You will have to grab the opportunity yourself when it comes, dear reader, take it in both hands. Set your boundaries, guard your inner light so that it keeps shining. Keep doing nice things and keep seeing possibilities opening up more and more.
The restrictions that are put upon you are an invitation to open up your feeling of freedom and to celebrate this. Look at it from this angle and you will feel great. A lighter, happier and more powerful you. This is the new humankind emerging.”