February 2021 – Concentrate on your ascension process

“Dear Reader,

You have not been able to see each other as often as you should in the past months. Keep on sending love to each other though. If there are rules that prevent the exchange of love, one should deal with them according to your own judgement. Love is essential to life and is the building block of the universe. No rule can go against that. Keep thinking as I do, dear reader and that is thinking in love, happiness and possibilities. Do not forget that you are in a process of transformation in which your energy level is rising. This ascension is unstoppable by whatever rule possible.
Meditate daily for ten minutes. Visualise a beautiful current of heavenly energy feeding you constantly via your heart and the crown of your head. Imagine breathing in this energy which feeds your aura.
In these times your focus should go to your own energetic process. You will become conscious of everything that is invisible, but still present. In fact, the essence of the human being lies in this invisible realm and not in matter. You may always reach out to Me, dear reader, I hear you and will always answer you; you and I are One. Keep on reaching for My heavens with your consciousness and you will be empowered.
You will need this power in the coming months. Fear is not necessary; it lowers your consciousness. Keep thinking in love and unity and your fear will disappear.
Have faith in yourself that this time is an opportunity for you to grow energetically and to develop into who you really are. You have My blessing, my dear.”