March 2021 – Self-protection

“Dear Reader,

The most important thing that you have to ask is: does this vaccine help me against another virus? It is not yet proven that a vaccine can be created against a virus because it mutates so quickly that one is always behind the facts.
What I want for you, dear reader, is that you, by using your intuition, can decide for yourself without being swept hither and dither by all the stories that go around. When you read an article, something inside yourself has to wake you up and tell you: this is true or false. That is what I want to ask of you; try to look at the world intuitively. Ask yourself logical questions and feel the energy of the people who give their talks. What kind of energy do they radiate? It is not always clear immediately, but in combination with what they have to say you can usually get a clear picture. Do not let yourself be swept away by grand government campaigns. Ask yourself: What is the payoff for the government to do this? This vaccine campaign is not created to save people’s lives. Various farmaceutical companies have researched vaccines in Africa and thousands of people have died. In this case the vaccine is a preamble for a controlled society. What I would like to stress is: stay honest, with a pure view. Try not to be persuaded to take in chemicals of which you do not know what they do. With the current technology it is possible to inject all sorts of chemicals that gather information and that can also control the body. The doctors who participated in the research were told that they were going to develop something to save an organ, or to decrease the mortality rate of certain diseases. The research however was meant for other purposes. These things are being revealed now.
If you have doubts about this message, I will ask you one thing: how bad would it be to get a virus that would make you fairly ill for a few weeks but would give you immunity for that kind of virus for the rest of your life. So if you do not believe this, refuse the vaccine and accept the risk that you may become infected next year by one virus or another. That will be a smaller risk than taking the vaccine now and having your DNA mutate, which can never be reversed again. The vaccine is a cocktail that weakens the body. You might say: OK, but I would like to be able to travel again and go on holiday. Try  to see your health and your freedom of choice as your highest good. What is the price of a holiday if you have to be vaccinated for it with something that will change your life for the worst for ever?
So try to look at life from a different angle, dear reader. The time will come that you will be able to travel freely again, but maybe not this year and perhaps not even next year.
We are not idle either, but this is something that makes you grow as an individual by standing up for yourself.
Beautiful times are coming after these, my dear children, so keep up your courage and keep standing for what you believe in.”

Here follows an addition of some of my own questions that may be clarifying.
Dear God,
On social media I have read a post by an energy therapist about the vaccine. She says that the vaccine disconnects the soul from the body and its other light bodies, so that the soul is not able to govern the body anymore. Is this correct?
“Not entirely, although her observations are correct that the boundaries between the light body and the physical body are interrupted. The soul stays in the body at all times. It is becoming more difficult for the soul to contact the body when man interferes with the DNA structure in the body. You see the same with genetically engineered plants, their soul retreats more and more and the life force disappears from the plant. So the more interference in the blueprint of man, the more difficult it is to reach one’s deepest essence.
Your intuition becomes numb and the soul cannot do her work anymore. Compare it to a car where someone who has no knowledge of engines, rummages around with its electrical system.
With every subsequent vaccine that is taken, more damage is done to the conductivity from the ethereal system to the physical body. These are the nerves, but also the light body that translates your life’s blueprint and lowers its frequency so that the physical body can understand the divine message and act it out. This vaccine pushes man down into his body and prevents the higher senses to penetrate the physical body.

You have once said that when mankind is going tot interfere with life’s blueprints, You will take action.
“That is correct, my dear. Make a note of this because I am already doing this. There is a part that I have to act out alone and I cannot give any more information about this as it would interfere with its outcome.“

About the people who are taking the vaccine, they are ignorant, not evil. Still, their DNA will never be the same again.
“These people will be supported by us, they have to experience a part of the consequence themselves however, because their choice was made out of free will..”

If irreparable damage is done to the physical body by genetic modification, does the soul stay intact?
“The soul stays intact when she has had no part in the wish to cause damage. If there is a wish to damage the body or that of another, the wish is taken along with the soul when it is time to go, because the soul will have to work out these actions.”