April 2021 – Meditation exercise for protection against radiation

Dear Reader,

The radiation that is sent by mobile telephones and other man-made devices has a far higher frequency than that on which mankind and the world functions. You can feel it course through you, it is as if your body is electrically charged.

What I would like to give you is an exercise to deal with high frequency radiation like 5G and to partially neutralise its energy. This will take about ten minutes. You may record this message in your own voice and use it as a meditation. There is a spoken version of this meditation on this website under the header Meditations

1 Sit down, take your time and feel your normal energy course through your body. You may feel a tingle in your hands and on your body. It is also possible that you will hear a high tone in your ears, that is the sound of your energy channels.

Are you comfortable? Then go a little higher and feel your energy field, your aura. How does it feel outside your body? Can you feel what you radiate at 40 centimetres, or 80? You may use your hand to reach out to these distances, feel as if you are holding a balloon between you and your hand.

2 Then give your attention to your heart and solar plexus, your 4th and 3rd chakras. These are the two centres that need to work together to generate your field of power. Visualise a rotating sun made by your 3rd and 4th chakras combined, expanding to your whole trunk.
This energy flows also into your aura so the back of your body will be protected as well. Feel the power of this light envelop you and warm you.

3 Now I will ask you to go with your attention to your feet and especially to the area just below the ball of your foot, almost in the middle of your foot-sole. This is the location of your foot chakras where the earth energy enters your body and where you can communicate with the earth. The power that flows back from you into the earth is one of love and gratitude. This way a circulation is formed. Your body is in fact an extension, an instrument of Mother Earth. She gives you the great life energy in your body to live and to orient yourself, every moment of your life. This magnetic energy is also absorbed by the red blood cells that contain iron and give your body a certain charge.
Feel this magnetic power, this primordial vibration that the earth gives you, entering your feet and flowing into your body.

4 Keep concentrating on your feet and connect this primal frequency to the rotating sun of your heart and solar plexus. Together this becomes a great spiral, a vortex of energy. It begins slowly, then increases in power.
Say to yourself: I am now switching on this connection!
You are becoming a power station of earth energy. The power of the vortex will increase to great proportions. It has a conical shape, small at the start and increasing in diameter. This power is now switched on and radiating. You will be able to feel this.

Do not be surprised if this spiralling energy flows to the left one day and to the right the other day. The reason for this is that there are different forces to be reckoned with  in the earth, in yourself and in the cosmos. The body adjusts itself automatically to that.

5 Then move your attention to your head and feel the space in between your ears.
Then feel the space between your 6th chakra and the back of your head.
The point of intersection of these two is the power point of your head. It will radiate through your third eye, your 6th chakra. Feel this power point now.
Let it then expand into a force field that will encompass your whole head like a cloud. You may also visualise it as a violet cloud or flame.

6 Then connect the earth magnetic power from your feet, via the vortex to your 6th chakra.
All energies come together and flow via your body into your aura.
Your connection to the earth is now well established.

7 Now you are going to make the connection with the highest powers. You can do this by imagining the silver chord that starts at your seventh chakra on the crown of your head, and reaches out into the heavens. This is where faith and heavenly love now enter your energy field.
Feel this flow into you as a last addition to your radiating power.
Then you say to yourself: I am now switching on my intuitive power for myself, the earth and all beings!
This mixture also flows into the earth so that she will benefit from your protection.

Now you have an aura full of powerful, harmonic radiation.
Feel this power for a few moments.


Practise this and you will feel results when the 5G-radiation becomes active. It will not prevent the radiation from reaching you, you may still feel electrically charged, but the damage it can do will be lessened.

Do this exercise twice a day: once when you get up in the morning and once when you go to sleep.”