May 2021 – Do not stray off your life’s path

Dear Reader,

In these times it is still difficult to remain in balance. I would like to advise you to continue your life calmly in the midst of the chaos in the world. If you are worrying and panicking about the situation in the world you will be unable to continue your path intuitively. You will be outside yourself and be dragged along by the emotions that are roaring in the astral layers. These layers have never brought any solutions, dear reader. Best is to concentrate on your own path. Your intuition is always the guideline in your life, connecting you with Me and My world.
If you can remain positive about your own path, you will radiate that positive energy, alleviating the suffering in the world. The more people do this, the more beautiful the world becomes and the quicker an end comes to the crisis. First secure this positive energy in your own life. When you wake up, give a word of welcome to life and make a small schedule of what you want to do that day. Put in some nice things and make it not too full, leave some space open for Me to fill your day.
When you live in this joy, you will help others that are in trouble. Do not think that suffering with them will help them, energetically it is just the reverse. Don’t forget these people though, you can say a short prayer for those who have lost a loved one or who are unable to do their jobs because of the crisis.
Stay positive regarding your own life and life in general. All will be well, this crisis has an end. It is important to define yourself as an earthling with divine energy. It is this divine energy that can help you to solve earthly problems. Never forget this higher aspect of yourself.”