April 2017 – Faith and surrender

Dear reader,

Your heart is quiet when you are reading this. You are ready to receive information that can bring you further on your most beautiful path of life . That is that you must realise that your control over life lies therein that you use your talents well for yourself and all sentient beings. That is all. The only security you have is your good intentions and filling life with these. Getting a grip on life is not the answer, but offering your life to Me in the shape of faith and surrender. When you do this, you will arrive exactly at your destination and that is experiencing great happiness on earth. If you keep on circling in your own insecurity and fear, you will not be able to reach this happiness because your energy level is not high enough to absorb that level of bliss.
A lot of people live their lives not fully conscious, with a certain dish on Mondays, a social evening every Friday and the weekend with friends and family. That is all right, but if you want more, there is more and you will find that you want to go deeper and deeper into the fields of knowledge that is available here in My realms. You are such a person and no matter how small your house, your heart is great and that is the most important thing. We can see this and adapt our gifts to the energy level of our beloved individual. Thus, the more energy you can absorb, the more we can give. So receiving less is not a punishment, but a cosmic law that what does not fit into the glass, can not be added. Keep on developing yourself by continuing to ask questions and to let your wishes be known. Then a new era will come for you, dear reader, and that will be in the not too distant future.