March 2017 – Dutch elections

Dear readers,

A remarkable message about the elections of last week!

“Holland is having a busy time with the elections and the general state of the world. Everyone wonders how things will go with the presidency of Erdogan in Turkey and Trump in the US. Know that these people are here in order to show the world that dominion is not the solution. They do this in different ways. One wants world dominion and the other wants world dependency on the US.
A difficult time has come in Holland because the population does not feel politically represented in spite of the large number of parties.
The reason is that the government has so much influence so that an individual party can do nothing about it. The elections have not gone completely fair. There have been premeditated plans to put Geert Wilders on a sideline. It is difficult to show you how it all should have happened. In short it is that there should come a formation that represents the larger part of the population. That means no difficult government formation, just that the largest parties must work together. Then, a party leader can not refuse to be in the government with an other party. The people have chosen and that is the way it should go, even if it means that two parties are at odds with each other. Of course that means a compromise, but that is to be preferred above the fact that a great number of voters will not be heard in political The Hague. You have voted for a specific path and that has to be followed. This path cannot be ignored just because one party does not want to cooperate with another. Thus the outcome as it is now is not an honest one without the party of Geert Wilders. I am not saying that I want to see all of his ideas put into practice, but the population has chosen and this choice must be honoured. That way people can learn from their choice and a country learns to govern itself.

More than once I have mentioned that government is best done on a small scale. No centralisation but decentralisation. Every country should have their own assignment and way of life. Nothing must be imposed by a virtual state named Europe. You can then take care of becoming an energy-neutral country and that everyone has a good salary and the poor are being taken care of. Not only in your own land. This should be done in a different way: Every country must establish an organisation that takes care of the poor. That way one does not need a political department, but a permanent organisation that is financed by the government. Finance is thus a constant flow and not dependent on a chosen party. However we are now talking about another system that has not yet been established.

What can you do at this moment?
Stay centered. Be honest and say what you feel and think. Live life your way. Do not accept everything but speak up if there is something you don’t agree with.
Meditate. That is, call Me! Sit down for a few minutes daily, relax and speak to Me or ask something, an answer will always be given.
That way you stay in touch with hope, faith and love.”