February 2017 Counteract evil by power of thought

“Dear Reader,

It is possible for you not to become depressed when seeing or hearing things that shock you. This often happens when there is a disaster or in case of abuse of humans or animals. When you see, hear or read this, try to send love immediately and imagine that the perpetrators are setting their actions right, like repairing things or giving love to the victims.
This is a method to restore the balance of the evil that has been done. It does not even it out entirely, but if you look at it from our side, the act of evil is being followed immediately by positive energy. Often it is difficult to do this because you are shocked. When you make the visualisation a conscious act (thus visualising that the deed is being counteracted), you are almost creating it materially. When more people do this, the situation will improve. Of course you cannot bring back the dead by this act, but energetically you lift it up and the deceased can follow their way in a more positive atmosphere.
When there is a nature disaster, you can also send loving thoughts or even a virtual helper to the area. This will have effect.
For you it is difficult to see the results of these actions, but we can see it clearly. It is important that you learn to think in energies and realise that the power of thought is the mother of all creation. Try it out. It will give you harmony and an increased energy level.”