January 2017 – Love for yourself

Dear Reader,

Prepare yourself for the new energy that has come into your life not only because of the new year but also due to the position of the planets. Man must now recognise his own light and live by it. What I am asking of you in the new year is love for yourself!
It means seeing so much love in yourself that you realise that this is the great connection between you and all there is around you. When you feel it, you are at one with creation and also at one with your fellow human beings because they have the same divine spark as you have.
This self love comes from knowing that you cannot fall because you are standing so strong and this power is being used for the good of yourself and the world. Recognising your own inner core is to see the other mirrored in it and that means you are standing more firmly on your feet. You radiate more self -assurance knowing everyone has this spark. You only have to touch this knowledge to feel its power. Finding your inner power does not mean denying it in others, on the contrary.
When you do this, your energy level rises and if everyone would do it, mankind would be enlightened. This is enlightenment: total self-acceptance, seeing the connection of yourself with creation and recognising Me in yourself.