Christmas 2016 Visualise Heaven on Earth

“Dear Reader,

This time of year you are all busy decorating your homes and figuring out how you can bring joy to your family and friends for the Christmas Season.
In this time it is important to bring your consciousness to a higher plane. Know that you are doing the right things and let your thoughts go to your soul. Go outside for a few moments in the coming days and breathe in the fresh air. Ask yourself: What have I done for my soul these days? Have I taken a moment of quiet and given her attention? Have I concentrated on the heavens and all good powers gathered there and have I connected with them? It is your thoughts that create this world, dear reader. So for this season, create an opening in the heavens so that everyone can see the beauty of it. Know that all of you can enjoy this by being conscious of our presence and to trust your own power as a divine being. Let the heavens descend on earth. Visualise this and make it as beautiful as possible. Do this in the days leading up to Christmas and take the entire world with you in your visualisation, we do the rest.
For each of you there is happiness and blessings for the coming year.”