November 2016 – Elections USA – Send love to the people

“Dear Reader,

Do not worry about the elections taking place in America. It is not important whether Hilary Clinton is chosen or Donald Trump, The point is that the American people can live in balance the coming years and that balance is not the result of one of these two candidates being chosen. What I am saying is that you have to send energy to the American people so their intuition can resurface. Give them the light they ask for. They know that it is going to be tough the coming months. A president can do a relative amount, but the great impact of the present is outside the influence of even the American President. I see difficult times coming for America, but there are some rays of hope. When it is getting dark, what do you do? You make a light. So when times get tough the bright spots will be more noticeable. That is going to happen in the US. People will help each other and there are some that are going to do great things for others and for the planet. It is important that the the present order will not extinguish these points of light. That is why you must send all this loving energy to all those people and to those who are living in fear to lose the comfortable little life they are leading. Send it especially to the handful of citizens who are at the top of the world ruling the monetary systems. They control and manipulate all the cash flow in the world. This handful of people is the cause of all poverty. Send your love and light especially to these men and women. When you all do this, a turning point will come and they will at last find the happiness that they were looking for in all their millions and power over people.
These days, try to be with the American people and all who live there, including the illegal immigrants who have such a hard time trying to make ends meet and having to feed more mouths in their own country too. Be with all these citizens, dear readers and a solution will come, whichever president will be elected. It is not the president personally who moves the world, it is society, and the few controlling the money.

In the near future an enormous turning point will come that is going to cost human lives. It will be the beginning of a new era. You all think there is a threat of war. That is true, but a third world war is not yet upon you. There is great unrest everywhere and that manifests itself in numerous layers. The financial layer is My greatest concern and I am trying to touch those people so that they may see that happiness lies outside of finance and that the flow of money is a life support system that has to reach everybody. One should not try to bleed it dry or to short-circuit it for self gain. Money should reach every person for it to have a positive effect on man and nature. Man is happiest when he knows himself and realises the greatest gift to himself is helping others. Luxury is that which you need, nothing else. I provide this in abundance for every being.
I am giving you the key, dear reader, to open the door of your own treasury and to see everything that is yours sparkle and shimmer and that is love for your self. The realisation that you have a divine essence is an example of this. You have to have self love before you can start giving. You can create anything if you serve Me, Let Me into your life and you know yourself.”