September/October 2016 Going back inside

“Dear readers,

Now is the time to turn inwards and make your home cozy for the winter months. See if you feel like making a change in your interior. Do you still fit into the energy of your room after the summer? See your interior as flowing. It does not mean that you have to get something new every season, but try to see your furniture as movable, flowing objects. They move with your energy. It is a natural process to sometimes do away with things and getting new items. See how many objects you have that are never touched. An interior should consist of things you use, and items to make it beautiful. All these have to be touched and be a part of life. Are you doubtful about a certain item, move it out of sight and see if you miss it.
If you want to have something very badly, ask yourself why. If you can afford it, get it or make believe you already have it and see how it feels. The universe usually gives you the things you really want. Be sure that it will cross your path at some moment. If it does not come, why not? Perhaps you have to change your energy, or you should let it go and be happy with the things you do have and from there create space for new things. It is the same in life. Your home mirrors your life. When the energy flows in your home, it also does that in life.
This winter, know that you will always receive what you need and what makes you happy. Concentrate on the things that need doing. Take the time to adapt to new energies that flow from there. See every day as a new promise that gives you everything you need and want. When you start the day with that intention, it will pass much happier and give you inner peace.”