August 2016 – Small ritual to bless the earth

Dear reader,

Now comes a time where the codes of earth are being changed. That means that things will happen to bring the earth to a different energy level. You can compare this to the shivering of a body. Disasters happen, like mud slides and earth quakes. These are the spasms of earth to bring itself in balance by removing congesting energy and letting it flow again. These congestions are terrorist attacks and places where there is great suffering, or places where nature is being badly treated. All these spots are sores on the earth’s body and they have to be cured with love and harmony. Harmony comes when people pay attention to the well-being of the earth and all its inhabitants. Many people live unconsciously and only move about in their own energetic cocoon, which is narrower than they actually need. These people have tunnel-vision and are not concerned with the greater good.

What I would like to ask of you is this: Could you take a moment every day for, say, three months and send love to planet Earth? You can do this by taking a glass of water and blessing it by putting your hands around the glass and breathing a word of love over the water. Then you go outside and pour the water over the earth, the plants or even the pavement if you have no garden (the stones need love too). If you live in a flat, pour it out over your plants on the balcony or over the balcony itself. You can also put the water in a bottle and pour it out down below.
Do not think this does not work. When more than twenty people do this, something changes in the earth’s energy. Imagine the power this has! Make it a daily ritual. You can continue doing this after three months of course. You’ll find that you miss doing the ritual because it gives you a sense of connection and more inner power. When you give something to Mother Earth, she immediately gives something back, like power, blessing, energy, love or courage, just what you need that particular day. If everyone would do this ritual, every place on earth would be fertile again.

Detach yourself from the old patterns that bring you down and empower yourself to push them away and remove their emotional charge. If you were always told you were not good enough or that you could not do something right, put this into a balloon, fill it with light and let it float up into the light where it will be transformed. You will not be bothered by it again. Everytime something comes up, let the balloon up and you’ll feel lighter.
Prepare for good times despite invasions, earth quakes, attacks and threats of war. All these are expressions of inability. Change the newsflashes by sending harmony and light to the people and places concerned. Only one thought suffices! Never give up faith in a happy ending.