July 2016 Free will

Dear Reader,

Do not worry about your future because it is already preordained.
You can do a lot yourself in life, but certain paths are already filled in by us. That is why people are discussing free will since time immemorial. There is always free will. There is always an opportunity to focus your attention on certain things and have the will to experience them. If you really want to do something, do it.
The soul however always wants to follow our path. This path is always the most beautiful one. Sometimes you experience a conflict in yourself: what should I do, what is best for me?
When you ask yourself this, you can add: what is the best step to take for my overall happiness? Then we can make it true for you
The fact that there are some things already destined should make you happy, things are going to be OK! Of course this is not a free ticket to all kinds of excesses which can take you off your path. It is a support for your soul that you will eventually choose that which is best for your soul and thus for yourself. Give yourself the love you deserve, that way you can reach your deepest centre; the knowledge what is best for you lies there.
The most beautiful act of free will is to choose the path we have chosen for you.
See the cooperation between heaven and earth as a blessing and not something you have to fight against. Your starting point is freedom. You have chosen that freedom when you decided to go and live on earth. The fact that some things are preordained should thus be more of a consolation than a hindrance to you.