June 2016 Feel the new energy

Dear Reader,

Now is the time to prepare yourself for a change in your life. This is not only a possible holiday, but also an upward power which helps you to reach your goals. Try to feel this power in yourself. The life force has its maximum power now, in nature as well as in you.
Write down the goals you have for the near future. See what you can do and plan to reach these goals. Give yourself a deadline that you are going to work on it each week or month. This is a good method to bring yourself into action. You will feel your power grow and you will reach your goals quicker.
Have a look at your workplace. Try to clean up a little there and then to insert a little more colour. This is simply done by putting an object there in your favourite colour. Flowers or plants are OK too. This colour will stimulate you into action and to manifesting your talents.
A new era is waiting and your life’s goal is linked to that. Visualise that there is a place for the fulfilment of your goals in that time. Do not be distracted by the chaos and difficulties of this time. The most beautiful things happen in the most difficult times. Your future is one of them. See it this way and steer around all the obstacles while enlightening your difficulties with your optimistic energy. Your assignment in life always has to do something with bringing happiness to others. Try to feel this happiness in yourself first and then consciously sending it out to your direct environment and later to the world as a whole.