Summer 2017 – Create your own future

Dear reader,

“Now you have the opportunity to change your life in any sense you want. This is the time of reconsideration and reorganisation. No matter your age, each of you may look at his life and decide if he still likes the way things are going. If this is not the case and a change of scene is the solution, this is the right moment. This can be in every field: work, house, relationships, children, spiritual development etc. Energetically it is the right moment for an overview. Ask yourself: What do I really want in life? What is my deepest wish? Go for that, dear reader. Verify first if your wish is one of the soul, so it is better not to change things immediately. Then the circumstances will be beneficial to your heartfelt wish so that it will come true.
Now is also the time for Me to give the world another chance to save itself by focussing on the return of the soul into mankind. I have watched the earth for millenia, now a decision is necessary for the earth’s future. Likewise, you take a decision for your own future: as it goes above, so it goes below.
An opening in the cosmos is created here for the future. Imagine that this opening is a tunnel into which you are looking at the moment and you are able to see your own future. What do you see for yourself in the future? Is this a wish coming from your ego or do you receive the information from us? Does your soul pick it up and does she speak to you?
This is your assignment for the coming summer period. Look into this and focus your consciousness on your future so that you can make your wishes. We will then make them come true. Do not be afraid to voice your wish. If you feel you did not do it well enough or you want to change it, tell us as soon as possible. It is always possible to adapt the wish if it comes from your heart.
It is from heart to heart that I speak to you, dear reader.”