Aug 2017 – Choose your own lesson for the coming months

Dear Reader,

You have had a beautiful summer which will be followed by a beautiful autumn. It is not quite autumn yet, but you are already preparing for a new time of growth and perhaps deepening which always feels so good in winter.
You have behind you years of growth and more years are before you. It is important to ask yourself: Where am I now? Considering my time-line, is my development on schedule, or am I even a bit ahead? It is also possible that you feel you still have to learn an awful lot.
Ask yourself then: What is the most important thing I have to learn for the coming months? Is it patience, focussing, letting go or perhaps showing yourself, expressing yourself at a time you’d rather step back and hide? Now go and find something that will remind you of that lesson: It can be a beautiful stone you put on the table, a necklace with a stone or something you can put in your pocket. Each time you look at it or touch it will be a reminder of your lesson. Do this for three months. You will see that your development goes much faster.

New times are coming, dear reader and you will be surprised at the strange capers some leaders will cut. Live your own life and every positive thought you send will make a difference. Concentrate on how you live and how pure you are. That will give mother Earth the loving touch that is so necessary today.