Sept/Oct 2017 – You are not powerless on the world-stage

Dear Reader,

People worry more and more about the increasing chaos in the world. The feeling of powerlessness prevails, that is why I would like to tell you that the individual is pivotal in the world. You as an individual can do much more than you think. Do not give up, take your place in the world and say what your intuition tells you. Express yourself, don’t keep quiet to keep the peace or because you are not sure how people will take it.

Are you afraid of nuclear war? Think of the parties concerned and connect the individuals with My heavens. For example, imagine Kim-Yong-Un with on his head the silver cord that connects him with the heavens. Then visualise clear cosmic energy flowing through this cord from heaven to his person. Put him in this radiant heavenly light and feel as it were its warmth reaching every cell in his body. Do the same with president Trump and any other person you want to heal. When several people do this, an energy field is opened which continues to flow. These leaders continue to experience great pressure from their office, the people around them and also their ego, but the short bursts of light energy that reaches them gives them a connection to their soul. They then see the world as I see it and they will know what has to be done.

Are you afraid about things in your life? That you can’t pay the bills anymore or that you cannot give your children what you want them to have? Keep on seeing yourself as someone with unlimited resources to create everything that is necessary. Love, faith and the feeling of self respect are the most important things to possess and to pass along.
You will see that when you do that, solutions come from unexpected sources.

Attune yourself to the web of light and connect with those people you think worthwhile.
What counts in life is your intention as an individual, that is our priority.