Nov 2017 – Love for yourself is fundamental

“Dear Reader,

Do not worry about the state of the world but try to influence your own environment. You can do this by having a positive attitude and radiating from within. Then you are an inspiration to others. Of course you can have a bad day now and then, but your positive thinking should lie underneath this. I am speaking of love for yourself. Try to emanate this love so it touches everything. You’ll notice that that you are a mirror for everything and everything is a mirror for you. All is one. When you know this in your heart of hearts, you are a beacon of light in the world. The more beacons there are, the easier the shift can be made from darkness to light. Doing good on earth, like helping people, springs from the deepest source. That is why I am putting so much emphasis on love for yourself. Of course you may continue helping others, every action you take is light. Every friendly word you speak, enlightens someone.

What is most important for you however, is that you give from your soul. Giving from the heart is misinterpreted. One gives from the love for oneself, the radiation is the giving. Giving is always a good thing, but give love to yourself first. Create a harmonious base, then the world’s misery will not touch you so deeply. Then you can change it. Accepting suffering by internalising it is counterproductive. When you understand this, dear reader, you have come quite a way. Prepare (even today!) to practise total self-acceptance and love for yourself.“