December 2017 – Giving some extra attention to the Angels

“Dear Reader,

I am present in all walks of life and that means I know every one of you. At least once a day I look at each of you and check if you are happy,or that you are to make an important decision and need some extra help. In all these moments I will help you. It is not possible for Me to keep track of every person 24 hours a day. This is where the angels come in. They are working tirelessly to make your time on earth a happy one and to help you shape your life and your assignment in life as beautifully as possible. Please give these angels some extra attention in the festive season. Buy a little angel in whatever form and put it on your table or altar with a candle beside it. The angels take notice and will be thankful for this small gesture.
Angels are not only present for earthly matters. Other planets need their help too and the angels themselves also need time to grow in wisdom.

All of creation is growing, dear reader. Note the difference between growing and expanding. Creation grows energetically in wisdom and insights, but does not expand, as many scientists believe, but that is beside the point now. The point is that the angels will become more visible in your world. It is possible to see an angel manifesting itself in a dark moment. You will see a faint shimmer of light you cannot explain. When you call upon the angels, they come immediately. Not always the specific angel you called for, but always one that can help you. Many say: “Call upon Raphael or Michael“ but they cannot always meet this request. They have an exalted heavenly task that needs to be fulfilled first. However, know that you are never without help, no matter how dark the the times are now.
I wish you all a time of light with love and faith and I bless you all. “