January 2018 Some information about the monetary flow

Dear reader,

“During the past months you may have noticed an energy that feels like financial exchange, but it is not. Financial exchange is an equal exchange of energy manifesting itself in the worth of an object or a service rendered. One feels it when this energy flows in a good way.
For some time now, this energy has changed in the world due to decisions in the highest management echelons of financial institutions. They have decided that the monetary flow must continue whatever happens. This is not surprising because that motto has existed for years. The monetary flow however has stopped now and exists now only in virtual form that can be manipulated by the institutions. This manipulation is the cause that the energy does not flow clearly anymore and that is what you all feel.
Lies have been told about the financial system, even to leaders of governments. The reason I am telling you this is that you now know what this undercurrent is that you are all aware of. What can you do about it all? Nothing, you ‘d say, but this is not completely true. You can insist to use cash money as often as possible. So you take money out of the bank once in a while and for the rest you pay cash for your goods. It is also a good idea to read something about all this. The Internet has plenty sources to provide you with the necessary knowledge.
By this message I would like to prepare you for different times in which the great monetary flow will reach everyone again. At the moment there is a money drain towards a few very powerful people. Everyone should know this. When you all know it, it will create a necessary openness. It is not important that you know who these people are, but that they exist and that they fraudulently appropriate incredible sums of money. This happens in every country. I do not want to scare you, but inform you about things that are going to change shortly. This will affect everyone.”