February 2018 – Virtual versus cash money

“Dear reader,

You have asked some questions about the last message. I would like to answer this by the following: You do not necessarily need to take all of your money out of the bank. The reason I gave you the previous message is to wake you up so that you can see how money has changed into something virtual, which is the first to disappear when there is a crisis. What remains is solid matter. In the end what remains is spirit and soul, but what I mean with your economy is that literally what matters is something solid. When in a crisis, this is what can be of help. Take care of the most important things first: a roof over your head, warmth, good warm clothes and good food. Secondly, you need enough money to keep on buying food. Everything you have in the bank is virtual. When you have it in your hands as money, it is a little more tangible. When you buy something with it, only then is it solid (a service rendered is also solid). The shape of the money (notes and coins) is not concrete because when you have a hundred pound note, the paper of the banknote is not worth a hundred pounds. The world leaders have already long ago abandoned that standard.
What is important is that you realise the difference between virtual and cash money. Of course you cannot empty your whole bank account and stash it somewhere at home. But take out some cash and start saving up. This could be some ten pound notes or more. What you learn by this is the worth of money and that you always have something at hand to spend.

The banks are having an enormous liquidity problem. If all of you would take all your money out of the bank, they would not have enough banknotes to pay you. Let alone that they have a security that can compensate the worth of that money. So in fact what the bank possesses is air. This is what people have to realise. What you get by working hard is money, but it is only money when you have it in your hands. Often you can only pay your bills by means of a bank transfer. That is something you cannot change now. For the daily things however I advise you to use cash money. That will be a sign to society that more cash money should be available, so that finance becomes more stable again. The more demand for cash , the stronger the sign to the government to do something against virtual money. As most of you live in a democracy, the voice of the people has to be heard, which in the end will happen.
This is to show you that you do not really need a bank to earn money and that you can live your life exactly the same without the presence of a money-keeper who often charges you for using your own money.

Are you one of the lucky ones who have a great amount of money, say a hundred thousand pounds/dollars or more, then I advise you to do something with it. That means buying something useful like a house or something that does not lose its value. This house you can either live in yourself or rent it out at a reasonable rate to someone who is in trouble. That way you can close the circle without interference from a third party. When you have a lot of money, try to pay off your debts first, like your mortgage. Taxwise it might not be so lucrative, but when you calculate it all, you’ll be better off and you will be safe.

Dear reader, have faith that you will always have enough. Don’t be afraid that you will have nothing left. There will always be enough to get by on. The reasons there are countries who are in poverty, are too diverse to go into now, but it is not due to shortage of money.
It is the distribution of money. The entire world can live in luxury. That is what we should be aiming for. Try to visualise that these countries can suddenly live in opulence: good housing, plenty of clean water and food and the realisation of the way they want to live. This is all within reach and it will happen when money will be viewed in a different light. “