March/April/May 2018 Healing meditation for the earth

Dear reader,

“The past times have been hectic on earth and this has not yet come to an end. The earth is stirring everywhere and needs support. I would like to ask you to give the earth your attention and love. She needs this very badly because she is in distress. This means that the coming days the earth will be shivering feverishly. That is why volcanoes are erupting and the ground is shaking.
You can visualise giving reiki to the earth, magnetising her or giving energy in any other way.
Another possibility is to think of a few points on earth, then connect these points and thus make a line or area to direct your love and support to. This can be in your home town or village, but it may also cover another great area in the world. Concentrate on that area and fill it with love. You can also add a colour or substance to it if you like, for instance something sparkling or glittering.
You can also imagine taking the area in your hands and slowly distribute the good energy by stroking gently.
All this support is very beneficial to these areas, especially when you do this together.
So please give this your attention for a while, because the earth is holy ground.“

We would like to invite everyone who wants to do this, to join us in healing for ten minutes every Friday at 21.00 Dutch time=Central European Summer time (GMT/UTC+2).
This during the months of May and June 2018.
(For your info: London=UTC+1, New York=UTC-4, YVR/LA/SFO=UTC-7, SYD=UTC+10
Find your time zone on

Of course you can invite others to join you, forward this or do the healing on your own every day if you like!