June 2018 – Train your thoughts

Dear reader,

Your consciousness should aim at the higher levels of eternity. Know that you are a divine being and try to tune your earthly life to it.
Think of something in your life that you would really like to develop and see if this contributes to the good for the world. Keep asking yourself: Is this decision good for me and for the world? It seems cumbersome, but it will become second nature to you. Do not feel bad by the thought that your presence only brings trouble to the environment. Do what you can and that is good enough. It is important that you love the earth and think of her with compassion.

You will notice that the new life mostly aims at man’s inner processes. What are your thoughts; are they positive towards yourself and the world? This is the training method of the coming centuries and you are the one to make a start in this. It is not for nothing that you have been chosen to practise this. Nothing is for nothing, every good deed counts.
Enjoying life is one of those good deeds. Do not panic about the situation on earth. Sending positive thoughts helps a lot more than the feeling of powerlessness and not agreeing with the country’s leaders. Hold on to your own power of thought, dear reader, the world will be a better place when you do this.