July 2018 – Be happy with who you are

Dear reader,

Love and self-acceptance are something that most of you still have trouble in obtaining.
Look in the mirror, what is your first reaction? Is it positive or negative?
I see a great void in you concerning self-love and self-worth. These two are connected.
Underneath self worth lies self-acceptance and that is one of the most difficult things for people to obtain. You have chosen the body you now occupy and know that it is precisely this body that serves you best for fulfilling your life’s assignment. You can take excellent care of it and look radiant, or neglect it and look frumpy. That is up to you, but try to love you body the same way as you love yourself and give it a daily word of thanks for all that it does for you, even if you are not wholly satisfied with the way you look.
External appearance and the way you radiate energy (and love) are connected concepts, but man pays too much attention to the former and too little to the latter.
Radiation of energy is: Who are you really and how are you getting it across to others? Do you hide in your self-built castle out of fear to be hurt? The walls of your castle can do more damage than any possible pain that can be inflicted on you. Coming out of your castle is always a risk, but put your faith in us here above; we are helping you and we also prepare you for life.
This is the most important message for this summer, dear reader, because many of you are at odds with your appearance. I tell you: be happy with who you are and your body will arrange itself accordingly. Be also happy with the fact that you are healthy and that you can go places and enjoy the view.