August 2018 – Stay balanced in the dance of life

“Dear Reader,

You are all preparing for the shortening days now and know that these days will fit well into your lives when you learn to accept change. Going with the seasons is an earthly dance you may gracefully join. Give welcome to the changes of weather and every day that is different. Feel that you are a child of the earth by moving along with her. Do not complain when it is raining or when you have a difficult moment. These are things one endures in daily life. So when you accept life with equanimity, it will present itself more friendly to you. Of course there are things in life that are not right and the earth and its inhabitants are confronted with big problems, but try not to lose your balance in these difficulties. A stable person can achieve so much more than someone who has lost his balance. This way you maximize your influence and you can look back on the day with contentment when you go to sleep at night.
Know that My world is guiding you all. “