February 2016 Time is not linear

Dear Reader,

You see your life as a consecutive number of events that lead to a certain goal. The truth about life and its structure is different however. Your life is a collection of experiences that are gathered in a certain amount of time, but its order can be changed. For man it is difficult to understand because you perceive your life as a long thread on which your experiences are strung like beads. But look at those beads separately and make a loop in the thread (being time). Now different beads touch each other than they did in their linear sequence.
Know that you can still influence the events in your life. So you can dig up something that happened in the past, work on it and thus heal it. See this as a reality and not a visualisation. I would like to show you now is that time is not linear and that everything is happening at the same time.
You might ask: what about the future? That exists at the same time too. Your free will however gives you multiple futures. Look at your choices: when you make a different choice, your future will also be different.
There are some fixed patterns in every possible future however. If you have been promised a partner you are going to spend your life with, you will find him or her. It is important that you try to live intuitively because we can reach you then. If you do not and you go out of yourself, we cannot reach you and it will cost a lot more effort from both sides to make your future come true.
Please take some time to wrap your mind aroud this and know that this knowledge is here to help instead of confuse you. It is another step on the way to your expanded consciousness.
All is one.